July 2018

German Beauty Meets Japanese Muscle: Metamorphosis Part One – Rumours Revealed

The Dotz workshop operates at full stretch. The Beast, as the DD2.JZ is called unofficially, has successfully completed the first important part of its metamorphosis following an engine swap in favour of the 2JZ GTE engine. This resulted in a significant performance boost that was achieved by a Garrett GTX 4088R turbo in combination with a 4-inch custom-made downpipe.

The chassis consists of a high-performance Air Lift suspension system by Lowrider provided with 3H air management and height sensors. So as not to lose control, no skimping on the braking system took place, because in the final expansion stage the Beast does need a 6-piston sports braking system by K-Sport. Add to that a perfectly adjusted hydraulic hand brake, of course from the same manufacturer, as the drifter must be reined in. Speaking of “reining in”: The cockpit safety cell is from Wiechers and proved quite the challenge because of the limited workspace for welding and screwing. Welding seams that were carried out with pinpoint accuracy and steel pipes provide the necessary stability.

Man & machine – the ergonomics

We can no longer imagine offices without the science of performance capabilities. Christian Haderer, who is in charge of the DD2 project, has provided the right workplace seating in terms of an ergonomic sitting work posture: Bride bucket seats VIOS II, installed on custom-made seat brackets. The Takata 6-point harness in mint green provides a correct and, above all, g-force resisting posture. In an effort to create a real feel-good factor in this extreme work environment, the entire interior trim has been replaced with Alcantara. Hand-made and individually adjusted by an upholsterer, the DOTZ project car now offers an extraordinarily exquisite work environment. 

Rumours prove to be true

At the IAA 2017 many rumours were confirmed. BMW is definitely launching a new version of the Z4. At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Toyota – for the first time – presented the Supra A90 prototype. The Supra test mule foresaw it already: The new edition of the legendary Toyota super car is real. Sometimes rumours prove to be true – fortunately!

Next level: DD2 exterior design. Rumour has it that the DD2 will bare it all at the 2018 Essen Motor Show … Sometimes rumours prove to be true …

Check out what has happened so far:

Project details:

The DD2.JZ project:

Comparing old and new technology – Marking the new release of the BMW Z4 successor as well as the new edition of the Toyota Supra in 2018.
Dotz installs a 2JZ GTE Toyota engine in the venerable hull of a Z4 coupé. The 3-l twin turbo engine had been way ahead of its time back then as the gearbox has plenty of potential.

Click for all details and videos on the DD2.JZ project car:

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