November 2018

BBS introduces new leadership team and future strategy

  • Jürgen Klingelmeyer (COO) and Erwin Eigel (CSO) are the company's new managing directors
  • Authorized signatory Jann Dittmann (CFO) remains in charge of Finance
  • The goal is now to strengthen the BBS brand worldwide
  • The expansion of partnerships with OEM customers is also being stepped up

Premium wheel manufacturer BBS is strategically repositioning itself and spreading management responsibilities across several key personnel. The company's former CEO, Heinz Bartosch, was released from his duties with effect from November 2, 2018. The new management team will place a stronger focus on expanding of the BBS brand around the globe on the one hand, and on the further expansion of partnerships with OEM customers in the premium segment on the other.

The new managing directors of BBS GmbH are Jürgen Klingelmeyer (COO) and Erwin Eigel (CSO). Both have held management positions at the company for more than six years and most recently also served as authorized signatories. The Finance division will continue to be operationally led by Jann Dittmann (CFO) in his capacity as an authorized signatory.

Donghyun Jin of the NICE Group will remain member of the advisory board of BBS GmbH. He will temporarily support the new managing directors as interim CEO in order to document the strategic importance of BBS GmbH within the NICE Group.

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The new management team of BBS GmbH (from left to right): Erwin Eigel (CSO), Jürgen Klingelmeyer (COO) and Jann Dittmann (CFO).

About NICE:

NICE Group is a listed financial infrastructure service provider and manufacturing company based in Korea and consists of three business divisions including financial information business, financial infrastructure business and manufacturing business. In its manufacturing business division, a light-metal business has been selected and fostered as the core business item since the year 2010. In this context, NICE Group has continuously sought for optimal market opportunities where strong customer needs for light-metal materials in manufacturing various parts of automobiles, aircrafts and others with a purpose of utilizing energy efficiency while coping with related regulations.

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