March 2019

REAL Cars… ALCAR Brand Awareness Campaign 2019

The information overflow is omnipresent. Often, we are faced with an impenetrable flood of information which is becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with. ALCAR has incorporated this overstimulation into the current brand campaign. In line with the motto “Focusing on the bare essentials”, ALCAR turns the spotlight on its decade-long core competence: the wheel.

Real cars need…

The brand awareness campaign gathers attention and at the same time emphasizes the bare essentials, with the product focus being on the three light alloy wheel brands AEZ, DOTZ and DEZENT. Accompanied by a charming-witty tonality of the respective headlines, the campaign targets user awareness at the beginning of spring. By avoiding users being left alone in the digital channels, the added value for every individual also takes centre stage.

The digital customer journey guides every user straight to the ALCAR online 3D rim configurator, be it your own car with the desired rim, or any other car. The result of the digital rim wardrobe is instantly presented to the user on the screen. Additional filters enable further refinement of the search result.

Real cars will find the right one this spring

Currently our configurator offers more than a thousand car models in 3D and 360°. The data volume does not come at the expense of quality: For each car, software specialists calculated 52 images so that realism and display smoothness have no rival. On top of that, ALCAR scores with top quality display down to the last detail and 100% verified technical data

360-degree angle

“Edges, angles, light-dark contrasts, concave surfaces and convex spokes make all the difference,” explains Mario Bagheri, Director Sales & Marketing of ALCAR Wheels GMBH. "In the visual representation, differentiation can be achieved only through many details, which have an effect in the overall composition. The challenge is to illustrate the physical object visually tangible for the viewer," Bagheri concludes.

Real cars will find the right one this spring!

ALCAR is an internationally active industrial and commercial group which places its strategic focus on steel and alloy wheels. The ALCAR Group is the market leader in the European aftermarket for passenger car wheels. The group's main business activities focus on wholesaling on national and international level, manufacturing steel and alloy wheels as well as distributing tyre pressure monitoring systems, tyres and fitted units. The international presence of the Austrian group of companies amounts to 29 companies in 16 European countries in which more than 750 employees from development, manufacture and distribution conduct successful business activities with seven proprietary brands.

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