August 2019

Two crazy cars; one passion: JE Design CUPRA Ateca Widebody meets Ateca All Terrain

  • Two very different takes on the SEAT Ateca
  • Off-roader meets sports SUV in the quarry
  • Individual solutions for every taste with full road certification

They’ve done it again! Claus Kobia, owner of the SEAT / CUPRA dealership in Sinsheim, and Jochen Eckelt, owner of the JE DESIGN GmbH from Leingarten. Two individualistic car-enthusiasts, both specialising in SEAT and CUPRA.

Claus Kobia and Jochen Eckelt have known each other for many years and shared in the co-creation of several joint projects. Amongst these were a SEAT Ibiza with gullwing doors, its ‘bigger brother’ Leon decked out with a spectacular wide-body kit, and various crazy concept cars.

Their latest brainchild is this pair of very different interpretations of the Ateca, SEAT’s lifestyle 4WD SUV. One uses a “Stylance” line equipped car with a 190hp two-litre diesel as the starting point for the JE DESIGN “All-Terrain” conversion, while the other is based on the 300hp CUPRA Ateca, and features a widebody kit.

Off to the adventure quarry

Jochen Eckelt transformed Claus Kobia’s Ateca to “All Terrain” specification, making it suitable for off-road excursions in places like the quarry used for the photo shoot.

Ground clearance has been increased by 30mm while traction in the rough is aided by aggressively treaded all-terrain tyres. Adding to the cars tough, go-anywhere image are the extended wheel arch flares with textured finish and sunken attachment bolts. The all-terrain package is rounded off by a rear spoiler and sidewings.

An absolute must for off-road fans is the LED lightbar on the roof as well as the front and rear skid plates and practical loading sill protection strip. The bespoke exhaust outlet featuring one tailpipe per side (dummy on the right) completes JE DESIGN’s impressive looking Ateca “All Terrain”.

CUPRA dealer meets CUPRA fan

Over the years these two friends and car nuts have individualised many CUPRA models, especially the Leon. The aim here was that Claus Kobia's first ‘real’ CUPRA, complete with its own logo should be a very special one, like this Ateca All Terrain.

When Claus Kobia visited the Geneva Motor Show he saw the ‘digital pattern’ film on the Audi E-tron prototype and decided that this is what his vision of “All-Terrain” should look like.
He commissioned JE DESIGN to carry out the transformation, which starts with lowered the 300hp CUPRA by about 35mm all round and adding wheel arch extensions.

Claus Kobia fell in love with the copper-coloured 8.0J x 19-inch factory CUPRA wheels shod with 245/40R19 rubber and so does not change these. JE DESIGN uses spacers to widen the front and rear track and fill out the extended arches. The digital pattern vinyl wrapping completes the CUPRA project.

Whether this Ateca All Terrain or CUPRA Ateca widebody by JE DESIGN takes your fancy the partnership of Claus Kobia and Jochen Eckelt stands behind their creations.

The widebody wheelbase extension kit developed by JE DESIGN is available for all Ateca models in the 5FP series, including CUPRA Ateca.

Further information on the individualisation programme for the Ateca and other SEAT and CUPRA models can be found at All components can be ordered separately.

Complete conversions including painting and TUV certification can be carried out at JE DESIGN. Complete vehicles can be ordered from Autohaus Kobia and other official SEAT and CUPRA dealerships.

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