September 2019

More performance for Honda Civic Type R (FC): Adjustable ST XTA Coilover Kit with unibal top mounts developed

The latest generation of the Honda Civic Type R (FC) is one of the fastest compact sportscars in its segment. In addition to the ST XA coilover suspension, with adjustable rebound damping, the ST XTA coilover suspension with linear racing springs, adjustable Unibaldom bearings, and dampers is now available for the Type R. The ST XA coilover suspension with linear racing springs, adjustable Unibaldom bearings, and dampers is also available for the Type R. As part of the parts certificate, the 320 hp Civic can be steplessly lowered by 30 millimeters on both axles. For further information about this Germany handcrafted ST XTA coilover suspension kit for the Honda Civic Type R (FC) please visit

At the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the fifth generation of the Honda Civic Type R (FC) is among the fastest compact sportscars. For all enthusiasts of the Civic Type R who miss the possibility of a camber adjustment for even more direct handling with their Honda and want the maximum driving dynamics; KW automotive, the suspension manufacturer, has developed the ST XTA coilover suspension sold under the brand ST suspensions.

Compared to other suspension systems, the ST XTA with its adjustable dampers and two-piece racing suspension system is the ideal performance accessory for the road. Combined with the stiffer Type R body and Dual Axis Strut Front Suspension, as used on numerous other front-wheel-drive compact sports models such as the Astra OPC, Focus R.S. and Mégane R.S., the ST XTA coilover makes the 320 hp Honda an uncompromising cornering acrobat.

The adjustable top mounts on the front axle allow the camber to be adjusted to exploit the full performance potential of sports tires. By changing the camber angle, the tires are given an optimum contact surface for maximum tire grip when cornering fast. The ST Unibal bearings make the handling of the Civic even more direct. Another unique feature of the ST XTA, when compared to conventional sports suspensions, are the adjustable rebound valves in the KW dampers used exclusively by ST suspensions. The 16 click levels make it easy to adjust the damping precisely to your individual driving style. Depending on the setting, the damping of the Honda Civic Type R becomes more comfortable or tighter. The driving behavior can also be specifically influenced in terms of braking and steering, as well as in deflection and acceleration. Compared to the series, the compact sports car with the ST XTA steers much more directly and even at the driving dynamics, limits the ST coilover suspension ensures razor-sharp handling.

The Honda Civic Type R (FC) can be steplessly lowered from 10 to 30 millimeters on both axles as part of the parts certificate. In the case of high-quality suspensions, such as ST suspensions with their KW dampers, the days when lowering the suspension makes it less comfortable to roll are long gone. It is often the case that, despite a lowering of 30 millimeters, the spring travel is 10 millimeters longer than with the standard damper. For further information please visit

About KW automotive:

Part of the company group KW automotive GmbH besides KW suspensions are the brands ST suspensions, LSD Doors and RaceRoom. KW suspensions is market leader and innovator of individual suspension solutions for the street and racing applications. Sporty drivers rely on KW coilover kits with its five damping variants, as well as on the Nürburgring Nordschleife tested KW Clubsport coilover kits, which are street legal and have a technical component report. Worldwide successful racing teams rely on the patented valve technology of KW Competition suspensions, the seven-time overall winner of the 24-hour Race Nürburgring (2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2018) winner of the 24-hour Race Dubai 2017, ADAC GT Masters 2018, ADAC TCR Germany 2018, Bathurst 12-hour Race 2019 and Spa-Francorchamps 24h Race 2019. With its large portfolio of suspension kits, modern production technology, development- and test center, KW has been succeeding for more than 20 years in markets around the world. World-wide, the company group has more than seven international subsidiaries in the most important markets like China, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and the US. The delivery program of ST suspensions with springs, sport dampers, sport suspensions, coilover kits, wheel spacers, lift kits and anti-sway bars combines leading KW-technology for the road with the best price-performance ratio.

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