August 2021

The perfect suspension for every demand: KW introduces several KW coilovers for the BMW 4 Series (G22)

For all current BMW 4 Series Coupes (G22) with and without xDrive, the KW Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3 coilovers are now available. Within the scope of the technical parts certificate, a stepless lowering of 30 to 50 millimeters can be adjusted on the stainless steel struts on the front axle. The same lowering can also be set on the rear axle. All three suspensions enrich the BMW with a sporty and harmonious ride; the damping is as firm as necessary and as comfortable as possible. The three coilovers available for the current BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22) differ from each other in their details. On the KW Variant 1 only the lowering can be set, while the KW Variant 2 allows the rebound to be adapted as well. The compression and rebound forces on the KW Variant 3 can be adjusted separately. More at

The suspension manufacturer, KW automotive, has been a development partner for various car manufacturers and tuners for several years. In particular, KW works closely with the Bavarian car manufacturer, BMW, in the world of motorsports and for selected special editions of the BMW M. For all models and versions of the current BMW 4 Series Coupe (G22), the first height-adjustable sports suspensions with technical parts approval are part of KW automotive’s delivery program. While the KW Variant 1 coilover for the BMW 4 Series Coupe disposes of a fixed damper identification with a sporty and harmonious setup, the damper tuning of the KW Variant 2 coilover can be made tighter or more comfortable. "

Simply, there are 16 clicks to choose from," explains KW Brand Manager, Jonas Ehrmann. "Therefore, it is possible to adapt the damper setup, which was recommended by our test drive engineers and preset during production, to a personal driving experience and driving profile." The rebound influences the handling and ride comfort at slow speeds. On the KW Variant 3 coilover, the compression can equally be tuned in addition to the rebound. There are twelve clicks of adjustment on this damper. Adjustments on the compression primarily have an effect on the body's pitch and rolling movements as well as its turn-in behavior. When the valves are opened, the compression is reduced, and the vehicle plunges faster during steering movements. If the compression is increased, the piston rod dives more slowly. Thus, the vehicle is more stable during steering movements. The turn-in behavior becomes more precise the more the compression damping is tuned. "Since we use a multi-valve technology in our coilovers, such as in the Variant 3, the non-adjustable high-speed valves open as soon as the wheel is driven quickly over bumps or transverse joints," states KW Brand Manager, Jonas Ehrmann. "This keeps the wheels on the road and the coilover absorbs the shock or vibration without the tires losing traction."

Within the scope of the technical parts certificate, all three coilovers allow a maximum lowering on the BMW 4 Series Coupe, if desired. The adjustment range defined by the parts certificate is between 30 and 50 millimeters on the front and rear axle. The lowering is adjusted directly via the trapezoidal thread on the stainless steel struts. The rear axle is set directly via a rotatable spring plate on the suspension spring. More at

About KW automotive:

The KW entrepreneurial group includes the suspension manufacturer KW automotive with its brands KW suspensions, ST suspensions, ap Sportfahrwerke, as well as the SimRacing brands TrackTime and Ascher Racing. With its immense suspension portfolio, state-of-the-art production technology and its development and test center, KW successfully operates in all markets for more than 25 years. Over the past years, KW automotive has developed over 16 distinct damping technologies in order to fulfill its own requirement of supplying "the perfect suspension for every demand". Beside its core business, the development and production of manually and adaptively adjustable coilover kits and other suspension components for the aftermarket as well as the range of accessories of various automobile manufacturers in the premium segment, the business field of original equipment for special models and super sports cars of the automotive industry is developing tremendously positively for the German suspension manufacturer. Since KW is a development partner of sophisticated controlled suspension systems, the manufacturer disposes of the entire product portfolio of hydraulics, electronics, sensor technology, control units and damper control systems as well as the necessary know-how for the application and tuning of complex vehicle performance systems from a single source. KW has become an indispensable part of customer motor sports throughout the past years and produces homologated racing dampers and suspensions for a constantly growing number of racing cars of several manufacturers. Worldwide, successful racing teams rely on the patented valve technology of KW Competition suspensions. The entrepreneurial group has subsidiaries in the most significant markets, such as Belgium, Great Britain, China, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA. Approximately 330 employees are located at the headquarters in Fichtenberg. Software and hardware solutions are further business segments as well as events for virtual motor sports in the scope of the brand RaceRoom. Equally, the suspension manufacturers AL-KO Damping Unit, Belltech and Reiger Suspension as well as the alloy wheels manufacturer BBS are brands of the KW entrepreneurial group.

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